Why Tandem Consulting?

Tandem Consulting is a holding company that oversees a variety of consulting
services for business' & individuals

Business Consulting
• Branding/Social Media
• Budgeting/Finances
• Business systems
• Leadership
• Public Speaking/Communication
Coaching Aspiring Side Hustlers
• Evaluating Business Systems
• Life set Facilitation
• Life Vision Coaching
• Personal Financial Coaching
• Career Counseling
• Business Strategy
• Social Media Consulting
• Consulting for banking and loan contract negotiation
• Keynotes


Public Speakers

Speaking internationally through keynotes ranging from scaling a side hustle, how to effectively coach others, cultivating stronger emotional quotient & entrepreneurial mindset

Empowering Professionals

Guiding aspiring side hustlers through life, personal finances, career, relationship & business coaching

Business Consultants

Educating business owners on how to hold a bigger microphone and broaden their reach & results through effective social media content creation, branding, visibility & digital networking

Leadership & Communication Coaches

Teaching individuals & organizations how to grow their public speaking, leadership development, executive presence & communication skills

Authors & Thought Leaders

Helping people create the right mindset for their success journey through content creation, podcasting & their book releasing in 2021

Business Financial Management Trainers

Advising businesses on optimizing debt structure, banking contracts & relationships

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