World Traveling Feminist meets Corporate Risk Analyst

Craig & Carrie are a Midwestern husband and wife duo, raising their young family, keynote speaking, traveling, and entrepreneuring several businesses including Tandem Consulting, ClickGlobal LLC, CC Global LLC, and most recently: Tandem Writing, LLC. They are now in process of launching their non-profit Tandem Giving, Inc.

They are enjoying the grind, kicking butt with kindness, and making the moments meaningful along the way. They work hard to humanize the entrepreneurial experience.

Their genesis began when a world-traveling, preschool teaching feminist met a driven, workaholic risk analyst and commercial banker. Based on their vision they decided to coalesce strengths, and personalities, and enter the entrepreneurial jungle— together.

They were young. They didn’t have a lot of capital. They had unconventional goals and unrelatable work ethics. They wanted to leverage entrepreneurship as a tool to create a great life, challenge themselves, and impact others in a heart-centered way.

What started out as a slow and tentative crawl into the adventurous world of entrepreneurship has enabled them to step away from their full-time careers in their 20’s and 30’s and instead, realize their dream of investing abundant time with their children as full-time parents, grounding others in their own entrepreneurial adventure and speaking to tens of thousands of people annually through keynotes in the U.S., Caribbean, Australian & European markets.

In their addresses, Craig and Carrie focus on Enhancing communication skills, Personal financial management; Developing a foundational mindset to effectively scale a business; Social media consulting, banking contract negotiation & consulting, and most importantly, How to Create a fulfilling life.

They are passionate about using their coaching and consulting to pay it forward to others at the onset of their entrepreneurial ride. Their success has enabled them to focus on their true passions & what really matters to them:


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