World Traveling Feminist meets Corporate Risk Analyst

We are a Midwestern husband & wife duo, running our companies, teaching mindset from our book ‘So You Want to Start A Side Hustle’, having meaningful conversations on our podcast Tandem Talks, traveling the world doing keynotes & growing our non-profit Tandem Giving focusing on advocacy adoption for older children without families. We are a team. 

Our genesis began when a world-traveling, preschool teaching feminist met an admittedly analytical commercial banker. It was a beautiful collision of empath meets analyst.

We realized that if we wanted to create an exceptional life, with choices and autonomy, we had to go out of bounds on the mainstream “go to school and get a good job” adage. Since we were not hardcore enough to quit our jobs and attempt to gut out a startup, we instead jumped into the world of moderate entrepreneurship, meaning we started our first wave of side hustles. Based on our vision we merged strengths/ personalities & entered the entrepreneurial jungle— together. 

We were young and didn’t have a lot of capital. We had unconventional goals & wanted to leverage entrepreneurship as a tool to create an amazing life, challenge ourselves, & impact others in a heart-centered way– not just to make money. 

Our progressive approach to growth has enabled us to step away from our full-time careers in our 20’s & 30’s and instead, realize our dream of spending a ton of time with our children as full-time parents while growing our businesses to several million in revenue. We are passionate about grounding others in their own entrepreneurial adventure and speaking to tens of thousands of people annually through keynotes in the U.S., Caribbean, Australian & European markets, on topics such as: executive presence, leadership, entrepreneurship, Lifeset, and communication.

The goal initially was to develop as leaders, diversify and create a positive impact…being able to customize our life was a function of that. Our journey has enabled us to focus on our true passions & what really matters to us:


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