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Tandem Giving

Tandem Giving Inc is a non-profit 501c3 organization.  Our mission is to raise funds for a select group of other non-profit organizations that support underprivileged children or children in need.  Our long term mission is to build a substantial endowment fund that supports the sustainability of other non-profit organizations we have vetted and fully believe in.

Many people talk about developing residual income.  We believe in residual giving.

We are elated to partner with Before 16, which helps older children in the adoption process increase the likelihood of finding families.  There exists a global orphan crisis and Before 16 seeks to help remedy its consequences through advocating adoption. They do so by providing financial assistance to families who are willing to host orphans from various countries in Eastern Europe and Colombia. These hosting periods provide an important avenue to connect vulnerable children to a loving family.  The thought of a child going unloved, and without a family to care for them, is heartbreaking.

The vision behind Tandem Giving is to grow our endowment fund so the interest on the fund itself can perpetually support this amazing child-centered cause.

The founder of Before 16 is our friend Dan, who met an incredible 12-year-old orphaned girl from Eastern Europe 4 years ago. He, his wife Beth, and 5 children adopted and welcomed her into their family shortly after their introduction.  This wound up inspiring a movement that has helped 27 other orphans find families to date, who would have otherwise faced very difficult circumstances when they turn 16, and are released from the foster care system.

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Please make donations via  Venmo @Tandem_Giving